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Powering Performance for OTT 2.0

At StreamAMG, we’re dedicated to equipping rights-holders with the expertise and insight needed to excel in the dynamic world of over-the-top sports streaming.

Our mission is to empower rights-holders to elevate their performance, boosting reach, revenue and engagement.

We’re not just providing tools; we’re powering performance for a brighter future with what we call OTT 2.0.

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Next-level OTT made simple

BLAZE offers a fast-to-market, cost-effective and future-proof solution with industry-leading features seamlessly integrated to drive performance to new heights.


Ignite OTT at Blazing Speed

In the fast-paced world of content delivery, rapid progression to launching your own streaming service is essential. Swiftly transition from idea to market, capitalising on your brand's potential.


No Burning Through Budgets

Shield your budget from excessive costs and say goodbye to expensive build processes. We lower the financial barriers to entry, enabling brands to focus on monetisation from the start.


Fuelling the Flame for Lasting Success

We stay ahead of industry shifts, continuously integrating best-in-class features and innovations into our platform. With a constant roadmap of updates, you’ll never get caught standing still.

Blaze your trail to streaming success

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Our Winning Formula

At StreamAMG, our dynamic blend of advanced technology, expertise in performance marketing, and extensive live operations makes us the smart choice for delivering outstanding streaming experiences to a global audience.


Blaze provides the complete solution for you to manage, monetise and protect your content, whilst keeping your audience engaged.

Performance Marketing

Offering expertise across digital marketing and social media, we can provide the exposure and finesse for you to thrive.

Live Operations

We excel in managing live events all over the world, ensuring flawless experiences delivered at scale.

Trusted By Leading Brands

We power some of the world’s most iconic sports OTT services, helping them deliver exceptional content to fans globally.

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